2016 AQHA Brindle Grullo Filly
EE aa Dd

This filly is the only registered brindle in the IBHA in the world. There are other brindles out there, but in order to be eligible for IBHA registry they must have brindle on both sides - not just one. She was shown at the IBHA World in 2016 and placed fourth. She is homozygous black and we can't wait for her to be old enough to enter our broodmare band. She goes back to Dry Doc, Poco Bueno, Isle Breeze and Sir Quincy Dan.

2016 Smoky Black Filly

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This gorgeous black filly is by the stallion we lost in the fire, One Impressive Beau. We are very blessed to have her after the passing of our sire and she is just breathtaking. These pictures were taken on the day she was born & sadly I don't have any good older ones but I will get some updated ones this summer when she sheds out. This filly's dam is out of an own daughter of One Hot Krymsum, and has the famous Rugged Lark on her papers on the bottom side. We are super excited to have one last piece of the sire we lost in our barn fire. We were also blessed with her being homozygous and being black. Can't wait until she is old enough to add into our broodmare ban.

Her sire: "One Impressive Beau"

Her dam: "Krysum Dun Up Diva"

Blue Eyed Foxy (Foxy)

AQHA Buckskin Splash Mare
EeAA n/SW1

This beautiful mare has a tremendous pedigree and also carries the rare splash gene. We can't wait to add her to our broodmare herd!

Poco Smokin Stella (Stella)

Grullo Mare
EE aa D?
Homozygous Black and Dun

This mare is quite lovely with the sweetest disposition. Little Steel Dust is on her papers. Can't wait until she can join the broodmare herd!


Classic Champagne Cream Dun Filly
(Smoky Grullo X Champagne)
EEaaDd nCh nCr

Sire is Hollywood Glo Cody (Cody) our Silver/White Colored Grullo Stallion, Smoky Grullo Stallion, Homozygous Black.

Dam is MJK Vanzi Glo N Ice (Glo) a Classic Cream Champagne Mare.