Cougarand Pep (Queen)

2008 Gold Champagne Mare
ee aa nCh
6 panel NN

Queen has laminitis, but gets around pretty good. She has produced some phenomenal foals for us that sold for high dollar. Open to breed to the stallion of your choice. Queen has a pedigree to die for with Peppy San Badger right on her papers. She is quite stocky with a gorgeous head & big hip. Her disposition is very quiet and she is easy to work with.

(Click to enlarge)

Platinum By Design (Lexi)

2014 Classic Champagne + Dun (Champagne Grullo) Mare
Homozygous Dun
Ee aa DD nCh
6 panel NN

The first few pictures are of her as a 2 year old. Very mild cribber. She’s out in a big field so she doesn’t do it very often. She is a gorgeous mare with a super sweet disposition and is heavily Dun Factored which is quite rare on a Champagne horse. She has a pretty little head and a big hip and a good size to her body. She was shown in 2016 as a 2 year old and earned the following:

2016 IBHA World Show – 3rd Place in Dun Factor
2016 IBHA World Show – 4th Place in Halter
2016 ABRA Honor Roll Award Dun Factor– Top Five (highest year end points in the nation)

2016 Southern Wisconsin Buckskin Association 2016 Year End Reserve Champion Dun Factor Horse

  • IBHA Dun Factor points – 9.5 with limited showing
  • IBHA Haler Points – 1 with limited showing
  • ABRA Dun Factor points - 20

(Click to enlarge)

Lexi is currently bred to Hollywood Glo Cody and is due 8/19/24

Hollywood Glo Cody (Cody)
2005 Smoky Grullo Stallion
Homozygous Black
EE aa Dd Cr

Offspring Color Probability

25.00% - Classic Champagne Dun
25.00% - Classic Cream Champagne Dun
25.00% - Grullo
25.00% - Smoky Grullo

Buzz Bar Chloe (Beauty)

2009 Black Mare
Ee aa no cream
6 panel NN

Beauty was really well broke but she has ring bone which keeps her from being ridden. She is excellent to work around, inseminate, etc. Beauty is a gorgeous & well put together mare. She was a very good team penning horse in her days and now is retired to the broodmare band. She is very thick with a nice hip & pretty head. She is easy to work around.

This mare will be sold without her 2024 filly & will be available for pickup when the foal is approximately 4-5 months of age. She was just bred back to our stallion, Mark Me Famous. The resulting foal is guaranteed grullo.

(Click to enlarge)

Mark Me Brindle (Brindy)

2016 AQHA Brindle Grullo Mare
EE aa Dd
Homozygous for black
6 panel NN

Brindy was originally offered as a package deal in foal for someone to foal out for less stress on me. She decided to go early & I noticed her waxing late yesterday afternoon. We foaled out a gorgeous big grullo filly last night (6/2/24). I will be color testing the filly & figuring out what to do. Might be just breeding her back and offering her bred for 2025. She would have to stay until her foal is 4 months of age. Will give this some thought.

She is the only registered brindle in the IBHA in the world. There are other brindles out there, but in order to be eligible for IBHA registry they must have brindle on both sides - not just one. She was shown at the IBHA World in 2016 and placed fourth. She is homozygous black. She goes back to Dry Doc, Poco Bueno, Isle Breeze and Sir Quincy Dan.

Her Offspring Color Probability

37.50% - Grullo
37.50% - Smoky Grullo
12.50% - Black
12.50% - Smoky Black
Will be Homozygous Black

One of her foals:


Well Ill Be Dazzled (Dazzle)

2020 Grullo Splash Mare
EE aa Dd nSW1
5 panel NN, IMM N/IMM
Homozygous for Black

Dazzle was started under saddle in 2023 by Ray Ainsworth. Ready to be finished. Dazzle is our first mare that carries the rare SW1 Splash gene which can cause blue eyes & lots of white on the face and legs. Her sire has produced many winners in the show pen. This mare is a big girl and is quite thick and stunning to look at. She loves attention & is easy on the eyes. She absolutely loves people & being fussed with. Quiet disposition & easy to work around.


No Doubt Im Hot (Smokin)

2006 Black Mare
Ee aa No Cr

This big mare is incredibly beautiful. She is a gorgeous black mare with a big solid build and is 15.1 and weighs about 1200 pounds, with some of the best in pleasure and all around bloodlines in todays market. Her sire, One Hot Krysum is one of the top AQHA leading Western Pleasure sires. Her dam, Ima Cool Diamond has over 1500 AQHA points in many events. She has an awesome disposition and is an "in your pocket" kind of horse. She produces big pretty babies.

(Click to enlarge)



Colt born 6/4/21
EE aa DD
Homozygous dun & black

Rare opportunity to get an older one from me. This is a two year old colt I kept back for a future stallion. I have decided to keep a yearling colt instead. This was a hard decision - this is a really nice colt all the way around. I’m keeping his half brother who is a 2022 Silver Dun Stallion.

Stetson (Famously Stetson) is a homozygous black & dun grullo stallion and should top out between 15.3 and 16 hands. EE aa DD no cream. His sire is our stallion, “Mark Me Famous.” He is halter broke & has his hooves trimmed regularly. He’s super quiet & easy to do anything with. When you walk to his paddock he is right there looking for scratches & will follow you around like a dog. I have a video with my 10 year old son & you can see how sweet natured this colt is in the video. We have raised him here with other babies & up until recently he was in with another two year old colt. He eats out of the same feeder as his sire as they are in adjoining pastures. He has never been sick or had any injuries. He is ready to start under saddle or any direction you take him. His sire got big & thick between five & six years of age. This will be a hard one to let go.

His sire:

Mark Me Famous (Brody)
2014 Silver/White Colored Grullo Stallion
Homozygous Black & Homozygous Dun
EEaaDD No Cream

His dam:

Ashleys Smokn Kate (Ashley)
2011 Grullo Mare
EE aa DD no cream
Double Homozygous


Dunit Beau Style (Annie)

2007 Buckskin Mare
Ee AA + Cream

Here is another one of our mares that goes way back in our favorite lines. Not only is she bombproof & easy to ride, but she can't get enough of hanging out with people. When she see’s you she is there, and is downright easy to do anything with. She has a stocky build and is pretty headed and she passes this onto her foals. She has produced some really nice foals for us. I can't say enough about her fabulous quiet disposition.

I acquired this mares’ dam through a long story, but her dam was an exceptional mare, with such a kind heart, even taking on a second baby twice, as well as nursing her own. The breeder of the dam burned her with acid, as he was trying to create paint markings on her from his sire he represented as always passing on the paint markings. Some hair grew back, however she had horrible scars, and we had to put sun block on daily to keep her skin from burning. She was a well bred mare, but he never sent the papers in due to what he did to her. Her first 2 foals which were full brothers to this mare went on to win the Buckskin World & Congress many times, which is why we kept her in our breeding program to raise babies that could be registered in both buckskin registries. Her babies not only excel in the buckskin circuits, but they are family loving bomb proof horses, and the owners were offered top money for because of their dispositions & versatility. They both were not only high caliber show horses, but great trail & parade horses for their owners due to their quiet & loving nature.

(Click to enlarge)

Her sire: "One Impressive Beau"

Full brother - A Snip From Beau

2006 ABRA Congress Winner
2007 ABRA Congress Winner
2007 ABRA World Champion
Trained by Karen Gauger & Tricia Banwart of Trish Show Horses

Another full brother - Beau's Dun It With Class

ABRA Congress Western Pleasure Champion
ABRA Congress Halter Champion


A Pretty Te (Scarlet)

2004 Bay Mare

Ultrasounded in foal to Mark Me Famous, due 7/23/20.

Offspring Color Probability:
100.00% - Bay Dun

Scarlet is bred to Mark Me Famous. Ultra-sounded in foal after heartbeat by our vet.
This big pretty mare is sired by SIERRAMUS, (Sierra Te), H: 21.5, LTE: $6,349, 1996 Reserve World Champion Open Weanling Halter Stallion; Congress Open & Amateur Weanling Halter Stallion Champion. Her dam, A pretty Beau is by Beaus My Daddy out of the well known Beau Bonanza who started by breeding career in horses. Her dam also has a show record. We are excited to bred this pretty quiet mare.

(Click to enlarge)



2017 Classic Champagne Cream Dun Filly
(Smoky Grullo X Champagne)
EEaaDd nCh nCr

Sire: Hollywood Glo Cody (Cody)

Dam: MJK Vanzi Glo N Ice (Glo)


Miss Julie Blackburn (Fancy)

2003 Homozygous Dun Mare

Ultrasounded in foal to Holly Glo Cody due 7/25/20.

Offspring Color Probability:
50.00% - Dunskin
50.00% - Bay Dun

This big beefy mare is homozygous for dun. She produced a big broad dun colt for us last year. She's a big sweet mare with a pretty head, big hip, and in your pocket disposition.

Fancy cannot see out of one eye but she has adjusted well. She is the kindest mare to handle - easy to catch, trim, give shots, deworm - you name it. Does not require drugs to inseminate or ultrasound. Easy keeper & gets along great in a herd.

Her 2018 dunskin (buckskin + Dun) colt is pictured as a late yearling. She is bred back the same way. Her foals are very thick with big hips, pretty heads & big bone. Her foal will be eligible for 4 registries: AQHA, ABRA, IBHA & foundation.

(Click to enlarge)


Beaus Lopin Times (Jewel)

2005 Bay Mare
Ee Aa

Ultrasounded in foal to Mark Me Famous. Due to foal 7/14/20.

Offspring Color Probability:
50.00% - Bay Dun
50.00% - Grullo.

Broke to ride. This mare will lope around out in the field. Her dam, who was an own daughter of “Scotch Bar Time” I showed to many wins & rode in parades backwards in the saddle jogging & loping down the road. I also gave bride-less clinics with her. This mare is just as quiet.

We were so excited to acquire this mare as she is an own daughter of our late sire we lost in our barn fire, One Impressive Beau. Everyone that owns his get can understand what he stamped on his foals - pretty, great minded, athletic, a heart of gold, people lovers, and an extremely quiet disposition. This mare is out of one of our former owned best producing broodmares who was an own daughter of the famous Scotch Bar Times. I showed her to many wins and used her for bridle-less clinics and rode her in parades backwards in the saddle jogging and loping down the road. She was an incredible mare. This sweet mare we are excited to add to our mare lineup.

Her sire: "One Impressive Beau"

(Click to enlarge)


Bjmypecosdarlinzip (Darla)

2007 Smoky Grullo Mare
Ee aa Dd + Cr

This gorgeous grullo mare is very stocky and pretty headed with a big hip and lots of expression. She is a very sweet mare who loves attention. She produces thick gorgeous babies who are extremely quiet and sweet like she is. Besides being a nice broodmare, Darla is great on the trails and is a fun horse for anyone to ride. She’s easy to catch, crosstie, put in stocks, trim her hooves, de-worm, give shots, you name it. She’s super quiet and super easy to get along with. For breeding she needs no drugs to inseminate or ultrasound. She’s open for the 2020 season for you to breed to the stallion of your choice. She’s just a great minded mare we have thoroughly enjoyed.

(Click to enlarge)


DP Fancy Fantasy (Honey)

2011 Gold Champagne Dun Mare
ee Aa CHch Dd

Honey is bred to Dunit In Champagne. Still teasing not in at day 29 so will be ultrasounded soon.
This pretty mare we added to our broodmare ban in 2016. She is a Gold Champagne with dun. She is a big mare at 15.3 hands with lots of body and is very quiet, with the sweetest disposition.

(Click to enlarge)


Smoking Peps Holidoc (Presley)

2017 Black Splash Stallion
Homozygous Black and Carries Splash
EEaa nSW1 No Cream

(Click to enlarge)

His Sire - SmokingPepto


Blue Eyed Foxy (Foxy)

2016 AQHA Buckskin Splash Mare
EeAA n/SW1

In 2019 this mare will enter our broodmare ban. This beautiful mare has a tremendous pedigree and also carries the rare splash gene. We can't wait to add her to our broodmare herd!


MJK Vanzi Glo N Ice (Glo)

2011 Classic Cream Champagne Mare
EE aa CHch + Cream

This big mare is 16 hands and is not only a big solid girl, but has a wonderful disposition. She is also Homozygous for black, so she will not produce red based foals. She is 88% Foundation. This dams full brother is MJK Vanzi King Glo - A homozygous black Classic Champagne Stallion Exported to Australia, who was the 2013 IBHA RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION STALLION, 2013 ABRA WORLD SHOW - TOP 5 CHAMPION STALLION, 2013 2x ABRA & IBHA WORLD CHAMPION SIRE, and the 2014 & 2015 EUROPEAN CHAMPION SIRE. Last year this mare had a really nice Amber Cream Champagne colt who is currently for sale. She is great producer with that rare Classic Champagne on top of it. She is in foal to Hollywood Glo Cody for a 2017 Foal.

Her full brother - MJK Vanzi King Glo

(Click to enlarge)


Beaus One Lastprince (Prince)

2016 Palomino Gelding

He is a uniquely colored colt is one of the last babies from our late stallion, One Impressive Beau who we lost in our barn fire. See “Beau’s page for more information on how unbelievable and beautiful he was. This colts dam is an own daughter of the famous, Obvious Conclusion. This gelding is pretty headed and big hipped. He enjoys having his back scratched and will make someone a really nice gelding. These Beau babies are very laid back and easy to work with.

His Dam

This is a picture of him at around a month old


Beaus Best For Last

2016 stallion prospect - Color tested black, no cream, colt by our late stallion, One Impressive Beau. One Impressive Beau was well known for producing athletic horses with absolutely astonishing minds. Great cow horses, show horses, speed horses & Western pleasure horses. His babies are the ones that meet you at the gate. They love human interaction. He had 209 points in 12 events and was an ABRA Champion. He was one of the most popular horses at the Midwest Horse Fair which draws over 50,000 in people each year. Unfortunately we tragically lost Beau in our fire. This colt’s dam is a World Champion producer and goes back to Coosa and Mr. Impressive. This colt has a gorgeous head with a long neck, big hip and straight top line.

His Sire - One Impressive Beau

His Dam - Maes Hoosier Mama


A Captavating Beau (Sunny)

2016 Palomino Colt

Here is a colt that will turn heads. He is extremely stocky with an elegant neck and pretty, pretty head. Of course I don’t know how he can’t have a pretty head with the head his dam and sire have. Both his dam and sire are big bodied and gorgeous to look at. His sire is our stallion, Hit The Road Jack who was shown 1 time AQHA and earned 1 point and a Grand Champion in Halter. He is also broke to ride and is good legged for this big of a horse. This colts dam is one of our favorite broodmares as she always out-produces herself. She is out of a granddaughter of Scotch Bar Time and is an own daughter of our late sire, One Impressive Beau. See Beau’s page. This colt is one of Beau’s last babies as he was tragically lost in our barn fire. “Beau” was an amazing horse. This colt is 5 panel N/N and would make a really nice stallion for someone and/or a nice show horse, be it a gelding or a stallion. He is one of those that stands out in a crowd. His back is so wide he has a crease in the middle. Don’t pass this gorgeous colt by.

His Sire - Hit the Road Jack

(Click to enlarge)

His Dam - Beaus Lopin Scotch
(You can see her on the Duns/Buckskin page)


Sorrel Broodmare
Coosa Cool Punken (Kate)

2003 Sorrel Mare
ee aa

This big mare is 16 hands plus with lots of body. She has a gorgeous head and a big hip and is big bodied. She’s very quiet and easy going and is a fancy mover too. She is an own daughter of Coosa who has the following show record: 2 Time Reserve World Champion and a sire of 16 World and Reserve World Champions. He also produced pretty riding horses. This mare is “aa” for Agouti so when bred to our double homozygous stallion, Mark Me Famous, she can produce nothing but a Grullo. We are looking forward to seeing this cross.

Sells after foaling & weaning of foal. We can also breed her to one of our stallions. Free board until foal is weaned at 3 - 4 months.

Ultrasounded in foal to our stallion, Mark Me Famous for a 2018 foal. Due date: 6/20/18.

Offspring Color Probability

100.00% - Grullo

Mark Me Famous

(Click to enlarge)

Kate foaled a gorgeous Sorrel Colt on 5/27/17.
This colt was sold.


Sugar Frost Fantasy (Splash)

2009 Sorrel Splash Mare
ee Aa SW1

This big beefy mare goes back to Dry Doc and Zann Par Bar. She also has Doc Bar several times in her background. She is gorgeous to look at and carries the rare splash gene. She is ultrasounded in foal by Mark Me Famous for a guaranteed color foal. All of Mark Me Famous foals have sold for $4000 - $7500.

Mark Me Famous

Due to Foal 7/5/19

Offspring Color Probability

25.00% - Bay Dun
25.00% - Grullo Splash
25.00% - Grullo
25.00% - Bay Dun Splash

(Click to enlarge)

MJK Classiperfection (Grace)

2014 Classic Champagne Mare
Ee aa CHch No Cr

She's a big stocky mare and is sired by MJK Vanzi King Glo - A homozygous black Classic Champagne Stallion Exported to Australia, who was the 2013 IBHA RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION STALLION, 2013 ABRA WORLD SHOW - TOP 5 CHAMPION STALLION, 2013 2x ABRA & IBHA WORLD CHAMPION SIRE, and the 2014 & 2015 EUROPEAN CHAMPION SIRE. This mare is very kind and just wants attention. She is a black mare with a champagne gene.

Her Sire - MJK Vanzi King Glo

(Click to enlarge)

Platinum Style (Bella)

2014 Grullo Mare
EE aa DD No Cr

Due to foal 6/10/19

Color Probability for the foal is:
50% Smoky Grullo
50% Grullo

This is a big mare & I would predict she weighs in at about 1300 lbs. She is thick, big boned & wide with a pretty head. She is homozygous dun and homozygous Black. She is very gentle and should produce a thick foal such as herself. I would imagine she is eligible for the Foundation registry.

It's very rare I would offer a mare of this caliber in foal for a guaranteed Grullo for sale but due to our hay shortage from our drought I am selling a bunch of horses.

(Click to enlarge)

Maes Hoosier Mama (Mae)

2000 Sorrel Mare
ee aa

Here is a great mare and her babies have done major things out there. She is built like a tank and is super sweet. She is Coosa and Mr. Conclusion bred and I'm told she is a World Champion producer in the paint horses. In 2016 she produced a gorgeous black colt.

I will be offering this beauty to a qualified buyer. She is checked in foal to our stallion, Mark Me Famous and is due 7/7/19 to have a guaranteed grullo as she is "aa" for agouti. She is 18 years old and is 4 panel negative. She carries one copy of Herda which takes 2 copies to display, so no worries there. (Mark Me Famous is 5 panel NN.) She is a good mother and is very sweet and quiet, but she is nearly blind and can only see shadows. She loves her babies and does well being a mom. I will be very picky where she goes to. She needs a fenced in area with no electric. She also needs one or 2 pasture buddies that are very submissive. She relies on her buddies to guide her and does not do well alone. She does not do well in a stall but does great in a pasture environment. She is a easy keeper & is great with the farrier, inseminating, etc. She has a very kind & gentle spirit. She is a World Champion producer. Contact me if you are interested and tell me what you can offer her. She is a very special mare & I am most concerned she has a good home. I am giving her away but you will be paying for her unborn foal - live foal guarantee. Price will be given if you meet the criteria for a good home for her. I'm hoping to find someone that is not too far away from Watertown, WI because I'm worried hauling her far will stress her out.

(Click to enlarge)

She is bred to Mark Me Famous

Mark Me Famous

Her 2016 Colt will be listed for sale also. He is a true black stallion - last son of our stallion we lost in the fire so we will be picky where he ends up.

Champagne Broodmare
Hot For A Kiss (Glory)

2001 Classic Champagne Mare
Ee aa CHch

This pretty girl is western pleasure bred and is by Hot For Chocolate by Zips Chocolate Chip. There are very few champagne mares that are Western Pleasure bloodlines. She can't get enough of people and her nickname is tongue because she licks everyone. She is good size and a pretty mover and gorgeous to boot. This mare has a very thick & long natural tail.

This mare's sire, Hot For Chocolate is an own son of the famous Zips Chocolate Chip, and earned $3,909 in the National Snaffle Bit Association. He has a AQHA Performance Register Of Merit and 23.5 Western Pleasure points with limited showing.

Ultrasounded in foal to our stallion, Hollywood Glo Cody for a 2018 foal. Due date: 5/11/18.

Offspring Color Probability

12.50% - Classic Cream Champagne
12.50% - Classic Champagne
12.50% - Smoky Black
12.50% - Classic Cream Champagne Dun
12.50% - Black
12.50% - Classic Champagne Dun
12.50% - Smoky Grullo
12.50% - Grullo

Hollywood Glo Cody (Cody)

(Click to enlarge)

Lacey Girl Leaguer (Lacey)

2004 Bay Mare

This mare’s sire is the well known Kay Cee Leaguer who was World Champion in Jr. Western Pleasure and also High Point Western Pleasure Stallion in the nation in 1990. He has also earned his Superior in Western Pleasure and his offspring have earned more than 14,000 AQHA Points, in addition to many other accomplishments. This mare puts big pretty babies on the ground and is very quiet to work around.

(Click to enlarge)
Her Sire

Only In The Dark (Dee)

2001 Black Mare
Ee aa

Gorgeous black mare who is an own daughter of the famous "Dynamic In The Dark!" In foal to our Smoky Grullo Stallion, Hollywood Glo Cody for a 2018 guaranteed black or Grullo foal.


(Click to enlarge)

Skippin Harley Bars (Harley)

AQHA VERY RARE HOMOZYGOUS CHAMPAGNE Colt, Skippin Harley Bars (AA CHCH) - sired by Cool Looking Dude who is a phenomenal stallion that stands 15.3+ and weighs in at 1350 lbs, He has sired FUTURITY WINNERS and STATE HIGH-POINT EARNERS, Cool Looking Dude is a sired by the famous, “My Skip Vanzi” out of a superior halter producing dam.

This March 2016 colt is ready to go to his new home. He is also eligible for the champagne registry. He is homozygous champagne, so he can only produce Champagne. There are less than 100 homozygous champagnes in the world and I only know of one Homozygous Champagne stallion. Priced at $4500 for a quick sale. This boy should be ready to start his breeding career next year and will make you some money.

(Click to enlarge)

Harley's Sire - Cool Looking Dude
Cool Looking Dude is a Gold Champagne, 15.3 Hand stallion, and is a producer of Multiple Futurity and Grand Champion Winning foals.

Harley's Dam

Coosa Cool Punken (Kate)'s Colt

Born 5/28/17

Colt's Sire - Cool Looking Dude

Cool Looking Dude is a Gold Champagne, 15.3 Hand stallion, and is a producer of Multiple Futurity and Grand Champion Winning foals.

This colt's Dam - Coosa Cool Punken

Kate is big mare is 16 hands plus with lots of body. She has a gorgeous head and a big hip and is big bodied. She’s very quiet and easy going and is a fancy mover too. She is an own daughter of Coosa who has the following show record: 2 Time Reserve World Champion and a sire of 16 World and Reserve World Champions. He also produced pretty riding horses.

Cool April Wind (April)

2013 AQHA, IBHA, and ARHA Rare Silver Colored Grullo Mare (Eligible for ABRA Registry)
Homozygous black
EE aa Dd - 5 Panel N/N

She is 14.3 hands. This mare has had lots of ground work done and is used to cattle and dogs. She is ready to be started under saddle. She has an old scar on her left hind but she is 100% sound on it. She is just a sweetheart and loves attention. Her sire, Menomiee Wind, is one of few stallions who is an IBHA Supreme Champion. He was the 2000 IBHA Congress Yearling Longeline Champion, the 2004 Honor Roll High Point Aged stallion at halter, has a Superior Award in Dun Factor and 5 register of Merits in Halter, Longeline, Open Western Trail, Amateur Western Trail and Dun Factor. He has over 200 points in Longeline, Halter, Trail, Western Pleasure, Discipline Rail and Dun Factor. In addition he has the following in the WFQHA: over 235 points in Halter, Western Riding & Western Trail, and in 2003 was top 10 in Halter, Western Riding & Trail. He was a 2005 Reserve World Champion Sire & Get.

This mare sells with the option of a free breeding fee to our Grullo homozygous black stallion, "Hollywood Glo Cody."

(Click to enlarge)

Whata Cool Kid (Kid)

2016 Amber Cream Champagne Colt
(Buckskin Champagne)

AQHA 4/2016 Yearling Stud Colt for Sale - "Whata Cool Kid." "Kid" is a very friendly colt and is very easy going. He is a AQHA Registered Amber Cream Champagne colt – Ee Aa CRcr CHch. He is also eligible for the Champagne registry. He loves people & is sure to walk up for a scratch when he sees someone. His dam is a full brother to MJK Vanzi King Glo - A homozygous black Classic Champagne Stallion Exported to Australia, who was the 2013 IBHA RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION STALLION, 2013 ABRA WORLD SHOW - TOP 5 CHAMPION STALLION, 2013 2x ABRA & IBHA WORLD CHAMPION SIRE, and the 2014 & 2015 EUROPEAN CHAMPION SIRE.

This foal's sire is Ima Cool Mr. Kid, AQHA/IBHA/ABRA Buckskin Stallion who was 3rd at the IBHA World Show. This colt is stocky and would make a perfect addition to your program. 5 panel N/N. Next year he will be ready to start.

(Click to enlarge)

Kid's Sire

Kid's Dam - MJK Vanzi Glo N Ice
(Which can be seen on the Broodmare Champagne page)

MJK Vanzi King Glo - and - Full brother to the dam

Hit The Road Jack (Jack)

2011 Golden Buckskin Stallion
Not homozygous

Hit The Road Jack is a Golden Colored Buckskin Stallion and is registered AQHA and IBHA. He is not homozygous like our other stallions, but the quality in this stallion is incredible. He is very well balanced and has a big hip, an extremely pretty head, nice neck, and a big chest & body that is not too big to ride as are most of the halter stallions of today. He was shown AQHA once and earned 1 AQHA Halter point and a Grand Championship. He is good minded and easy to handle. Last year in 2016 his first foals were born and they had pretty all over them.

(Click to enlarge)

A 20% down payment will hold a foal/horse on our sales page. If you buy a young foal you do not pay for boarding on that foal until it is of age to be weaned at 3 months. At that time you can pick up/have the foal delivered or if you choose to have the foal on the mare longer there will be a minimal charge for boarding. If you purchase a mare from us already in foal there are no live foal guarantees because of a free breeding to that mare. Any horse purchased will have 7 days to be picked up unless otherwise arranged. Board on that horse starts after 7 days of $350/month for pasture horses and $375/month for stalled horses.

Shipping anywhere is no problem. We recommend a WI based company with good references. Shipping along with health certificate is at the buyers expense. Find them here: MJK Horse Transportation. International shipping can also be arranged.

Once we get a deposit from someone to buy the horse it is marked sale pending. The horse is marked sold when it is paid off. Deposits can be made via check , wire transfer, or paypal friends and family. Any fees incurred are at the buyers expense when sending money toward a horse. No horse shall leave the property until it is paid in full. Horses are offered for sale until there is a deposit. We do not hold horses - All deposits are non-refundable. If you put a deposit on a horse we take the horse off the market for you. If payments are defaulted on we would list the horse as for sale again.

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