AQHA Grullo Stallion
Ee aa Dd no cream

He is 83% foundation and is 15.1 Hands

This is a full sister to Sapphire - Victoria & DeCoy’s 2021 filly. This is their 2020 filly:

KQH sold this stallion summer of 2017. Babies for sale by him.

2011 Golden Buckskin Stallion
Not homozygous

Hit The Road Jack is a Golden Colored Buckskin Stallion and is registered AQHA and IBHA. He is not homozygous like our other stallions, but the quality in this stallion is incredible. He is very well balanced and has a big hip, an extremely pretty head, nice neck, and a big chest & body that is not too big to ride as are most of the halter stallions of today. He was shown AQHA once and earned 1 AQHA Halter point and a Grand Championship. He is good minded and easy to handle. Last year in 2016 his first foals were born and they had pretty all over them.


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Pictures of Jack

Jack's Foals

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Sire Color: Buckskin

Red Factor (Extension)
Red Carrier (Ee)
Homozygous Black (EE)

Agouti (Bay/Black)
Heterozygous (Aa)
Homozygous Agouti (AA)

Homozygous for Splash
Ee aa SW1/SW1

Ee aa DD SW1/n W20/n
Grullo Splash Stallion
Homozygous Dun