"I loved boarding at your farm. Bong State Park was your back yard. The stalls were always clean and everyone there was so welcoming. As a manager you were always available. I use to watch you train and was so impressed with your abilities. Every time I came was an adventure. There was always "babies" being born there. Puppies, kittens and the foals. And then there was Beau. I would walk by his stall and stop to see him. He was a gorgeous horse, and it breaks my heart to think of his passing. I wish your new place was closer."
Judy P.

"When Karen of KQHBR left the Burlington area in 2008, we lost a gem. You see one day while driving back home to Kenosha from Burlington, I passed by her stable - it was so inviting from a distance, I had to stop in with my two horse crazy daughters and find out what this stable was all about. Over the course of time, Karen provided our homeschool group with 3 educational sessions for those who wanted to learn more about horses... grooming, tacking, riding, etc. She put safety first and her skills as a trainer to children was equal to no one I have yet to cross paths with. I was introduced to her stallion Beau... and marveled at his tender nature. Karen is a true horsewoman, I'm proud to have stopped in that day and introduced myself. Karen equals quality! I've been a fan, from "afar" ever since."
Toni L., horse enthusiast.

Karen I saw your post and had to write about my experiences with you and Karen’s Quarter Horse & Buckskin Ranch. I came to Karen a very timid rider and she took me under her wing and put me on her fantastic lesson horses and taught me how to be a good rider. I also purchased a black colt from her stallion “Beau.” Beau was an incredible horse with an amazing disposition. I remember going to the Horse Fair and watching him being handled by little children. They would slide down his back and crawl thru his front and back legs while he stood there loose. He would lower his head to them so they could kiss his face. He was truly an inspiration. I’m so sorry you lost him Karen. My colt Karen not only trained for me but taught me to ride as well. He gave me confidence with his care free demeanor, and spook proof attitude after having a horse that was scared of his own shadow. I love this horse and would not trade him for anything. I can go to a show with him one day and chase cows or go trail riding the next. His big heart and easy going temperament are remarkable. He is getting older now and I fear the day I lose him. I’m glad Karen is back at doing what she has always loved because she is so good at what she does. I remember spending hours just watching her train. She demanded respect from them but never was abusive. Her training horses loved her and succeed in what they were trained to do. I will never forget the day a stallion showed up for training. He was as rank as rank can be, dragging the owner down the aisle screaming. I think he was a 2 year old if I remember right. Karen was not only on that stallion riding him in a week, but also he was no longer screaming and was acting more like a gelding. I was there a month after his owners came back to see his progress as we watched in disbelief how broke and quiet she had this crazy stallion in only one month. There were other horses in the arena and he never looked at them. She had him jogging and loping both directions, backing up and even starting to walk sideways. The owners looked at me stunned and asked how in the world I got that far so fast. It was truly a gift to be able to watch what she could do with a horse. I’m still amazed and wish great things for her because she is one of the best trainers I have seen. I’ve watched a lot of trainers at clinics and such and I’m still amazed. Hoping to see you at the fair Karen – it’s been many years!
Karen R.

Hey Karen – Jim here and wanted to write a testimonial for you. You sold me a wonderful horse and were very honest and easy to work with. You made buying a horse from you very easy. I had a great experience and if I ever need another horse I know just where I am coming. Thanks again.
Jim E.

After looking all over the country for a world class grullo stallion to breed our grullo mare Robins Pretty Blu i found Mark Me Famous and Karen Gauger. Not being new to breeding and shipping semen my wife Barb and i have seen it all, but Karen was a joy to work with a very no nonsense no bull pro, with good connections and perfect timing we got our mare breed on the first try. If you want to breed to world class horses ( Karen has a few to choose from ) then give her a call you cant go wrong.
Jim S.