Frozen Semen Interest

We are getting requests to ship frozen semen overseas and are trying to see how much interest there is to determine if we should proceed. If you are interested please fill out the form on the tab and your name will be added to this list. Thank you

Name of PersonStallion Interested In Where Shipped To Date Needed
Dianne StarkeySkipAustralia9/2018
Nele Van GansenBrody or SkipBelgium6/17 or 5/18
Sherrie WhittyBrody, Cody or SkipAustralia9 or 10/18
Karen ThieleBrody or SkipAustralia9/17,11/17 or 2018
Caroline McKnightBrody or CodyNew ZealandAny Year
Mel ClarkeBrody or SkipAustralia9 or 10/18
Roksanda djordjevicBrody or CodyAustralia9/18
Kristylee KeanBrody or JackAustralia2017 or 2018
Alyce SmithBrodyAustralia9/18
Janneke DerksBrodyAustralia2017 or 2018
Richard SmithCody or SkipIreland2018
Reinhard LierheimerSkipGermany4/18
Sarah NievesBrody or SkipTexasSpring 2018
Rebecca BannisterBrody, Cody or SkipUS2018
Jordan FaulconerBrody, SkipGeorgiaJuly 2018
Kimberly ShipmanBrodyTexas2018
Diane VenablesBrody, Cody or SkipUK2018
Kristie VauthierCody, Skip or JackMT5/18 or 6/18